Monday, July 5, 2021

"Arbitrary Travels: The Traveler's Cave"

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Hello, and welcome! I hope you enjoy this story, where Audrey accidentally discovers the Traveler's Cave and all its powers.

While she is settling in and learning the ways of Fairview Inn, Audrey is still new to being a resident, and there is so much more for her to learn - and discover. In this story, Audrey stumbles upon the Traveler's Cave while on one of her walks in the forest. Thus, she is suddenly exposed to the world of Traveling, where she and the other residents can use the cave to go to any known place, world, or time period. Naturally, though, the other residents are unsure of how Audrey will react to this knowledge. Can they trust her with the ability to Travel? Sure, Audrey's nice, but she hasn't been taught the guidelines of will she abuse the cave's powers?

Some notes about this story:

  • This story, "Arbitrary Travels: The Traveler's Cave" is the first Arbitrary Travels story I've ever created! Of course, the art and some dialogue have been updated since the story's first version.
  • Upon entering the pool within the Traveler's Cave, the water shoots up around the person(s) who enter the pool and surrounds them, transporting them to the Goddess of Travel. Then, they may request to Travel to a certain location or time period, or even ask to be transported to the current location of another person.
  • While Traveling is a wonderful opportunity for residents of Fairview Inn, and how many guests find the Inn in the first place, Traveling too much or without enough respect can anger the Goddess of Travel, preventing or disrupting Traveling.
  • To learn more about how Traveling works, you can read Arbitrary Travels's About page
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Thank you so much for reading! I would love to hear any thoughts you may have, so feel free to contact me however you like.

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