Monday, June 28, 2021

"Arbitrary Travels: Audrey's Beginnings"

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Hello, and welcome! I hope you enjoy this story, where Audrey takes action to try and grow closer to her new friends, accidentally finding their true home - Fairview Inn.

This full length story takes place after Audrey has befriended some of the Inn's residents, who she only knows as fun, interesting, and very kind people. But, Audrey notices her new friends are acting distant with her, much to her dismay. Fearing that they don't actually like her - or worse, that they are using her like her old "friends" - Audrey tries her best to find out the truth. The truth, however, is something even she could never imagine as being real...

Some notes about this story (includes spoilers: you can read the above first!):

  • The blonde character in Audrey's nightmare is her old best friend, who bullied Audrey pretty badly and ultimately betrayed her when Audrey needed her help the most.
  • This is the first time this particular spirit appears before Audrey. She seems to have quite a fondness for Audrey...why is that? Perhaps we will find out in a later story...
  • Towards the bottom of Page 22, among all of the fantasy creatures, you can see two gargoyles near where Piper is standing. Their job is to guard the Inn from any danger (though it is the resident's responsibility to keep the Inn's existence a secret to those who may not be able to handle its implications). The gargoyles learn to recognize most all of the residents, and use their sense of scent and energy to determine whether others may pose a threat or not.
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