Arbitrary Travels is an ongoing series with self contained stories that follow the lives and adventures of the residents at Fairview Inn. The Inn is unique in that it allows qualified people to live there, as one would live in a house or apartment, while also serving short-term guests. Another defining trait of Fairview Inn is that it serves numerous creatures from various times and worlds. The people at the Inn can, with caution, travel between these worlds, known as universes.

In theory, each person exists in their own universe, but one's universe would overlap with those of everyone who exists to that person. Therefore, there are an infinite number of universes, which can exist at any point in time and in any location. Since one's universe would travel with the person it is attached to, and overlap with any new people that person may meet, travel between universes, worlds, and time periods is possible.

All residents of Fairview Inn have been tested to assure that they will tolerate people from other universes, keep the Inn secret, and be responsible, helping the Inn as needed. Likewise, guests of the Inn must be relatively peaceful to avoid conflict between inhabitants.