Friday, August 6, 2021

"Arbitrary Travels: Bunch of Bad Apples"

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Hello, and welcome! "Arbitrary Travels: Bunch of Bad Apples" is a full length fantasy story where the residents travel to Hearthsborough, normally known for being a pleasant and cozy fantasy town, but now being harassed by a group of imps with unknown motives.

While the imps actions are more petty and annoying than violent, Hearthsborough is still being destroyed as a result. Therefore, the Inn agrees to send a group of residents for a simple adventure.

However, due to poor timing and location, the residents end up right in the center of the imps' activities, provoking their curiosity and irritating habits. As the adventure goes on, the group find themselves unwillingly experiencing all that Hearthsborough has to offer - from relief teams and wildlife, to struggling to make good on their promise by working with the town, and the imps themselves.

Some notes on this story (possible spoilers):
  • The full story for "Arbitrary Travels: Bunch of Bad Apples" is 32 pages. You can own the full length story as a physical book through the links on this page.
  • Many (in fact, almost all) of the concepts of this story were developed during my childhood. Hearthsborough was an underground fantasy town I repeatedly drew during two-point perspective lessons, including the forest of apple trees behind it. All of the creature designs in the full length story were developed on my own, as well as the concept of the mushrooms with green dye inside, the rope bridges connecting buildings, and the relief teams.
  • Yes, Hearthsborough is underground. It may not be explicitly mentioned in this story, but in my mind the setting is underground, hence the brown "sky". I imagine rainwater and some sunlight leak through to sustain life.
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